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Children are extremely active; they have seemingly boundless energy and are growing and developing new skills every day. This is why it is important to get clothing that fully meets your kids’ demanding and constantly changing needs. At TeamShirts you can find everything you need to outfit your little boys and girls, school-age kids and teenagers – be it for playtime, sports, school or their big event. Our assortment of kids and teenager apparel features classic t-shirts made from 100% cotton, long-sleeved shirts, racerback tops, cotton polo shirts, cardigans, breathable sportswear, and hoodies to keep your kids warm in winter. All clothing items are available in a fantastic range of styles, colours and sizes – at affordable prices. At TeamShirts your child can even personalise a shirt from leading brands such as Erima, American Apparel, BabyBugz or AWDis Cool. How about a backpack in your kid’s favourite colour, a cuddly toy wearing a personalised kids tshirt, a cool cap or hat, or personalised lanyards for independent kids? For the smallest ones we offer gorgeous sleepsuits and nightwear, bibs, hats as well as long and short sleeve shirts. Think green! Our range of kids’ shirts is complemented by a growing assortment of organic clothing including tshirt brands such as Continental Clothing. Did we mention that a personalised baby or toddler shirt makes for great birthday, Christmas or family reunion gifts? Simply customise the shirts with funny slogans, a photo from your last family holiday or a design from our library and surprise your loved-ones with unique, thoughtful tshirt gifts. Take a look at our huge selection of top quality garments and accessories and choose a style that your kids will love – and matching shirts for all their friends.

Let Your Kids’ Imagination Run Wild

Whatever awesome, crazy, funny or creative ideas your little ones come up with, we can print them on a t-shirt. From drawings to team photos to club or school logos - your child designs it and we print it! Our easy to use TeamShirts Designer encourages your kids to create their very own personalised kids shirts specific to their personality and interests. Design school pride shirts to make every school event a memorable one; trousers, hoodies and jumpers for play time with their friends, or sportswear to show their team spirit – together. At TeamShirts there are (almost) no limits to your kids’ imagination and creativity when it comes to a personalised shirt. All you need to do is upload your own image, design or photo and place it on the back, the sleeve(s) or the front of your kid’s shirt. Let your little ones add their slogan and pick their favourite colour or, for example, their rugby team colours – and their new, unique shirts are ready to be seen by the world! Or use our free designs templates and let your boys and girls personalise them individually by changing the colours, adding text, or combining them with own uploaded images. Feel free to browse our gallery and find tons of funny slogans, cute animal designs, sports designs and many more. Can’t find anything you like? Our in-house artists are constantly creating new designs to add to our ever-growing gallery. Or get in touch with our design experts, discuss your kid’s design ideas with them and let them help you create your child’s one-in-a million personalised kids shirts, nightwear, accessories, or rugby gear. With a personalised kids shirt they will always have great gifts for friends and family. It’s easy-peasy!

Personalised Shirts for Creative Kids

Kids love shirts – especially bright, colourful printed shirts. Casual tops complement every grown-ups’ and children's outfit; and because t-shirts are comfy and durable they make for the perfect everyday gear for your little ones. The best part is that with kids’ shirts from TeamShirts, your boys and girls can create great, personalised kids shirts, hoodies, jumpers, or trousers that reflect who they are and what they like. Whatever the occasion, our personalised kids’ shirts are made to play and made to last. Let your girls and boys design unique custom sportswear for their football or rugby team, matching leavers’ shirts, a birthday outfit or a personalised kids shirt with a photo print to remember their last camping trip with their peers. Customise your shirt in your favourite colour and with a design that shows the world how awesome you are as a team – from your club’s name or school logo to a witty or funny slogan to a team photo. Or choose one – or more – design template(s) from our gallery and give them your unique touch. Let the kids shine at their football or rugby game, school event, birthday party, leavers’ party or simply every day in their very own personalised hoodies, t-shirts, jumpers, shorts, trousers, or tops. Don’t forget that personalised t-shirts, nightwear, polo shirts, cardigans, sleepsuits, or personalised accessories like mugs, phone cases or caps make for brilliant gifts for the entire family, friends, or your kids’ sports team. Let your little (or not so little) boys and girls show off their style proudly with TeamShirts.

Small Shirts – Great Service

We want to make your children’s online ordering experience as safe, fun and easy as possible. Your kids can completely immerse themselves in designing their very own shirt, nightwear, cardigans, polo shirts, or jumpers – and we take care of the rest. Our experienced printing experts know exactly which printing technique is the best to make your kid’s design, slogan or photo stand out from the crowd. We use Digital Direct, flex and flock printing as well as screen printing, depending on the material and fabrics, the colours, the placement of the design (remember, we can print on the back, the front, and each sleeve) and resolution. No matter which printing technique you choose, TeamShirts provides you with top-quality printing at all times – and at a great price. All shirts are produced by hand in our in-house print shop using only eco-friendly materials and top-quality garments. The more shirts you order the more you save! We offer fantastic volume discounts for bulk orders with big savings of up to 60% starting from 5 shirts, trousers, tops, hoodies, cardigans or any other garments or accessories, no matter the sizes, colours or prints. So outfit your kids, their team, all their friends, and your family with cotton t-shirts, polo shirts, cotton jumpers, nightwear, or sportswear with individual prints, team prints, family photos or a slogan. Show the world that you belong together – with a personalised (team) shirt.

Little People, Big Questions?

Whether you and your kids are planning a big event, the next birthday party, a family reunion, a camping trip, or are just looking for some casual every day wear – we’ll find a shirt-solution for your needs at TeamShirts. And we support you at every stage of the shirt ordering process. You need design inspirations? You are not sure which sizes fit your children? You can’t find the shirt your kid is looking for? Our dedicated customer service team is just one call, email or click away. Use our application form and let us know your tops, accessories, nightwear, or teamwear ideas and we will get back to you within 24 hours with a free, non-binding price estimates. Alternatively, you can also drop us an email (, give us a call (020 39661820), or use our live-chat function (the small button in the top right corner of the homepage). If you are not sure how to create your custom printed t-shirt, polo, cardigans or long-sleeved shirts, our skilled and friendly design experts are available to guide you through the design process and help you in any way they can. They will advise you on printing techniques, fonts, and colours, show you how to place designs on the sleeve, and tell you if your designs meet the resolution and quality requirements. To get the sizing right you can also request free samples of the t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, cardigans, trousers, jumpers, and hoodies of your choice in all available colours and sizes. That way, you can make sure that your personalised kids t-shirts will turn out just the way they planned.