Personalised School & University Apparel

With TeamShirts, it's never been easier to create your own custom clothing, whether it's hoodies for school or university leavers, matching clothes for a school trip or a trip to the mountains, we've got the right product and the right printing method for the job.


University Clothing      Custom Leavers Hoodies      School Trip Hoodies      Personalised Ski & Snowboard Hoodies

Personalised University & Society Clothing


  • Our comfortable university hoodies are a particularly popular choice for many kinds of events and uses 
  • Embroidered logos for university clothing are also available in our assortment
  • Create your university clothing with our fun and easy-to-use design tool


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University Hoodies

Custom Leavers Hoodies


  • Perfect for Primary school, Secondary school and University leavers alike
  • Choose from our collection of hoodies in a wide range of styles, cuts, sizes and colours
  • Select one of our free templates or designs created by our in-house graphics experts, or create your own


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Personalised School Trip Hoodies


  • Create custom hoodies for your class trip or holiday, personalise each class members hoodie
  • Wide range of hoodies in a number of styles, find the perfect hoodie for every class member
  • Take advantage of our extensive design library or upload your own logo or graphics


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Personalised Ski & Snowboard Trip Hoodies


  • Keep your group easy to find with a customised winter hoodie from TeamShirts
  • Ideal for trips to the mountains, whether it's with your school or university or just with your friends
  • Use a design from our library or upload your own image or logo


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